October 2, 2010


"If you're a bird, then I'm a bird."

-The Notebook.

hello friends! (:

yesterday, i tried to climb a tree, but i couldn't. i couldn't last year and i still can't this year. but i will. hahaha. Haemy climbed it twice. i got a red mark on my knee and a little scratch above my knee. it's a little pathetic. this proves my total lack of in-sync with nature.

i mean, i love nature and all and i'm pretty sure it loves me back but sometimes, some things just can't get along. at first. but i'll get the hang of it. (: i'm not sure why i'm so desperate to climb a tree.

i think it's cause i've made it up in my mind that climbing trees is one of life's simple joys. (: and when i do climb that tree, i will have a picture of it here. ;) HEHEHE.


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