October 13, 2010


my name is natasha tong faye. i was born in the very warm tropical country of Malaysia. i am sixteen years old.

on the contrary to what some might think, blogging has changed my total and complete mindset. i've become more vulnerable, i've thought more about everything. i'm so much of a thinker that even asleep, i think. it's.. mean, a person shouldn't think so much.

i've recently become a believer of our Lord, all because of Amanda and Michelle, to whom i'd be eternally grateful to.

i think and think and rethink until nothing makes sense. i sometimes turn my back and walk away from others with the hope that they'd come after me. which almost never happens. i'm unintentionally cheesy. i only like a person too much or not at all. which, i guess, makes me a little anti-social. i'm shy, not-so-confident.

but, i've been thinking (of course) and i came to a decision whereby i shouldn't care or be fazed by others. others, being people whom i don't take a particular liking to and vice versa. because i have before, for all my life. i think i have to stop that, at once. i care too much. it's almost a sin to say i love too much, too, but then again, love is the greatest thing ever.

i'm pouring my heart out to whoever cares to read this. i don't know why i'm doing this.

i know my values and count my blessings. i hope, oh i hope so very much that i have, for at least once in my life, created or done something that has inspired people. because that seems like the only thing i long for and get from people. i love love, i love inspiration, i love people. i hope that i might even radiate positivity.

i've forgotten about myself for so long now. i'm tired, it is midnight now. i should go. i'll read again this midnight epiphany of mine during the day and wonder if i am really all that weird. goodnight, world!

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