October 18, 2010

silver nail.

hello lovelies. (: i've changed my blog title again. hahaha i'm probably the most indecisive girl ever but now it's permanent. it's staying though, this one. (:

it's currently finals season and i've studied. just a little. i promise i will continue after this. and i'm in dire need of some refreshments. i just feel so sleepy nowadays. ): i can barely keep my eyes open while reading but if it's any consolation, it's english tomorrow. (: i just have to get organized and clear my mind and heart and know what i want.

during the weekend, i had vegetarian food and it was scrum-diddly-yum-ptious. i've decided that i will to be a vegetarian when i'm 18. (:

my wall

i lost sight of who i am recently. i've not been who i want to be. when i am, i hope i will know.

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