November 13, 2010

keep me searching for a heart of gold.

"I've been in my mind,
it's such a fine line
That keeps me searching
for a heart of gold."

-"Heart of Gold" by Neil Young

i've always known that you can get tired eventhough you do nothing during the day except lazing around. haha. i feel very unproductive. but i'm going for Harry Potter next thursday! (:

i must say though, this week, i finished season 2 of The Mentalist in 2 days and i watched Eat Pray Love, Charlie St. Cloud and When In Rome! (: ahhh, that makes a girl happy. the movie i enjoyed most was Charlie St. Cloud. hehe. Zac Efron is waaaay better than he was 3 years ago. i'm not gonna spill anything from the movie just in case some of you haven't watched it. ;)

arrivederci bella!


Anna said...

what gorgeous pictures! LOVE!! also, heart of gold is a favorite of mine- perfection!

tasha said...

thank you so much, love! <3