November 21, 2010

lazy sundays.

today, i was reading adviceforallmychildren and it cheered me up almost instantly! one of the many things i like most about blogging is that you can help others learn and grow and also enlighten and inspire them, whether you know it or not. (: it's a beautiful thing. and it is exactly what i want to achieve with my blogging. i know i might not be achieving half of those things now but i'm definitely working on it. ;)

here is advice 203:

"Guardians of light, allow people to feel your love. The time has come to shared the wisdom of the heart."

happy blogging, loves! and i do hope you do enjoy reading mine. (:

p.s. i do realize how boring and seemingly unenthusiastic my last entry was, but really i just couldn't find words enough to describe my love for Harry Potter. hahaha. ;)


Anonymous said...

hello my love, dont be sad you smelly baby prostitute. yes yes i love reading your blog.

tasha said...

hahahah! oh hello haem. (: thank you best friend. <3
p.s. i smell waaaay better than that perfume Regina George gave you.

haemy said...

hahahaha yeah regina george is like my best friend. i'll make a new entry in the burn book about you ok? haha.

tasha said...

meh. i'd totally "boo, you whore" you.

Anonymous said...

I've seen all the "adviceforallmychildren" on people's tumblrs, but never thought it was actually an official tumblr site. They are so inspiring and always putting a smile on my face :)

tasha said...

love to you, honey. <3