November 2, 2010


i love it when the sunlight meets the leaves at the treetops. they make the prettiest shade of green. i can just stand under the the leaves and feel at home. (:

my finals ended today! (: i'm happy but honestly, i'm just so tired. i have the rest of the holidays to catch up on my sleep though. hehe. right now, i'm just waiting patiently for harry potter. (:

"Life isn't waiting for the storm the pass, it's about dancing in the rain."
-Vivien Greene


Michelle said...

I'm so excited for Harry Potter too!!! :)

kelly ann said...

mmm, i love sunlight and treetops, too. :) yay for your finals ending! rest and relax. <3

Lindsey said...

I'm sure you did great on your finals! The light in that second picture is just gorgeous, I love that soft mellow lighting. It looks morning to me, but could it be afternoon?

tasha said...

Michelle: i'm actually thinking of making a deathly hallows tshirt! (:

Kelly: haha. thank you lovely! <3

Lindsey: aw, i hope i did good! (: and actually, that's in the evening! just awhile before sunset. (: thank you, sweetpea. <3