December 18, 2010


hello lovelies! (:

i'm already feeling so excited for Christmas and the new year! though a little apprehensive of 2011 but it's part of new beginnings. (: yesterday, i watched the Christmas episode of Brothers & Sisters and i felt so much for it. that show is just wonderful. <3 it makes me want to have a big, dysfunctional yet loving family of my own one day. (: this week, we've gone Christmas shopping and i've wrapped the presents! wrapping gifts is something so satisfying, after you're done, and they look so pretty and fitting under the tree.


a corner or nook near a fireplace; chimney corner.


Anonymous said...

<3 SO excited for christmas too dear :] Have fun wrapping presents!

ching said...

wow these photos are amazing. i like how i'm as if also looking up at the trees.

tasha said...

Jada: i hope you'll have fun, too! <3
Ching: thank you! <3