December 2, 2010

winkin' blinkin' nod.

last night, i attended a sweet 16 on the first of the last. (: hahaha. i really needed a party like that to cheer me up from my otherwise uneventful days. it was so much fun, really! and i really can't dance so i just hid behind my camera. what a coward. hahah. but in the city, where it's more often than not that the stars are hidden, the lights  made me feel cosmic instead. (: that last picture is of a 1988 book collection of pictures from LIFE magazine that i found in the family library. i didn't even know it had been sitting there all this time! aahhhh. it is so so lovely. <3 i'll post up some pictures of what's inside soon. i'm practically halfway in love with it by now. (:

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