February 22, 2011

oh, this is sweet.

i have 42 followers! (: ahhh, i am so grateful to have such lovely, sweet blogger friends, hehehe. i never thought i'd ever so many readers, far or near and from the world over.
so, thank you so so much! thank you for your kind, happy, sweet words and when i'm ever down, thank you for your comforting words. (: you can never imagine how much they all mean to me!

"There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind."
-C.S. Lewis


Lindsey said...

I'm loving all the photos you're posting lately! That dog is adorable, hehe :]

And the new header is really gorgeous as well.

Julia said...

congrats. ;) x

Eadaoin said...

Isn't it wonderful how other bloggers can lift your spirits and fill your heart when you're feeling low? I'm amazed at the kindness of the people I've discovered online and I'm glad that you are feeling the same :) Lovely set of shots by the way, I like that first one especially. Also your new blog header is looking pretty good!

Jennifurla said...

I just love the doggie picture! I enjoy your blog...I am sure you will have doubled the followers shortly!

Anonymous said...

Oh god, I adore the first picture, girl! ♥ Shiz you are so freaking talented. ^.^ ♥


Anonymous said...

congrats on your follower, dear! i can pretty much remember how i felt when with my first follower! Haha! <3 you are amazing, and i love the photo with the cable wires...(is it cable wires?...) and the puppy, aWW! cute!

Anonymous said...

I just awarded you the most versatile blogger award.♥

tasha said...

thank you so much, loves for your words and loveliness! (:

Fransisca Angela said...

great photographs like usual :)
looks like you're having fun with your new stuff,great!
It's been a while since i used my wide converter back in 2010, great fisheye effect pictures!