March 13, 2011


i apologize so dearly for my long absence from blogging, munchkins. i hope you are all well and safe. last week, i had my first exam of the year and it was busybusybusy and now i am gratefully back! also, i'd like to let all of you know that i got my 50mm lens! (:

on a more melancholy note, i hope that all of you reading have been and are still praying, still with the faith of a child, for those affected in the earthquake/tsunami/radiation leak disaster in Japan. pray for all of their safety and health and for the stranded to be rescued and also, for them to find some bit of comfort amongst themselves. it broke my heart to watch it on the news, how beautiful a place to be destroyed. i cannot imagine how utterly and incredibly strong the people of Japan are right now. my love and thoughts and prayers goes out to them. xxx

"Keep the beautiful country of Japan in your thoughts & prayers. It’s so easy to get caught up in our own little world that we forget that we are all apart of a bigger picture, it may not be you today—but it could be you tomorrowLet’s not take life for granted or turn a blind eye to those in trouble."
"What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal."
-Albert Pine.


Lindsey said...

I'm glad your back blogging! It always feels so nice to get school obligations out of the way and be able to breathe again! :]

Brenda said...

I hope you did well on your exam hun. The pictures of desserts always get me hungry so early in the morning >.< I really like the picture of your dog, with the sunlight and shade shadows. Interesting effect! &Your quotes fit perfectly with what's happening. I'm still thinking of them, hoping things get better.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you did a fabulous job on your exam!! ♥ Yay for you getting your 50mm lens, that is so awesome. =) Love those quotes, it really could be me tomorrow. I'm still praying!! ♥ xo.

Anonymous said...

oh you have a wonderful soul, darling. your words about Japan and the rest of the world is truly inspiring.

congrats on your 50mm lens and exam. i know you did well!

and ahhh. i so love the hp book picture followed by that yummy tart. and the dogs are just adorable...♥

Felicia said...

i love how the tart mimics the harry potter cover. all of the puppies look so adorable. i hope your exam went well and things quiet down for you!

and my thoughts are with those in japan too. <3

brigduong said...

I hope your exams went well, mine end tomorrow! & yay I'm glad you managed to get the 50mm :)

My thoughts and prayers are with Japan. <3

Fransisca Angela said...

I'm gonna facing another exams too within 2 days from now on.
Beautiful flowers pictures,I love it!
And you bought yourself the 50mm one?nice :D

Anonymous said...

I was wondering where you went :] Glad your back, and hope you did well on your exam! It's heartbreaking what is going on in Japan. Sending love their way<3

tasha said...

thank you so incredibly much, lovelies. <3 xx

Chanelle said...

How great is that nifty 50mm! Love it. And yes, it is so important to remember Japan right now. x