April 13, 2011

he sang so loud, sang so clear.

hello loves! (:

my week so far has been hectic. i haven't even gotten the time enough to watch the new episode of Chuck. ): but i'd probably stay up a little bit longer tonight to watch it, heh. i really do hope the homework load will cease for a moment so that we all can just breathe. and have afternoon naps, ahhh.

i hope you are all having a lovely week! and thank you all so much for your kind and sweet and caring comments on my last post. without all of you lovelies reading, this blog will not be alive and i will not be able to keep a place for the things that i will one day forget. (:
thank you.

today's formspring question:

(What qualities do you look for when you're dating someone? 

i'd want someone who can give me spine-shivers with just forehead kisses)

what about you? (:


Felicia said...

I love that last photo of the journal. So colorful and fun!

Your answer to the question is super cute. I want someone who fills me with stomach butterflies every time I see him, even when we've been together for ages and ages.

Anonymous said...

Awe! I love your answer to the formspring question. :] You are so beautiful, lady! <3 Love those flowers, wow, so gorgeous. :]

Naiara said...

i just found your blog and i'm already in love with it, keep it up. (:

and the quality i look for when i'm dating someone is sense of humor.

kimberley said...

Lovely bright photos!

I am thankful everyday that what I look for in a partner, is exactly what I have - someone who can fill me with excitement just at the thought of him, with a sense of humour, and a kind nature.


Brenda said...

You look lovely as always hun. I LOVE this set of photos! There's something about them, they seem so clear and vibrant.

I love your answer :) A quality I look for when I'm dating someone is trust. Trust, I believe, is what keeps two people together.

Colby Kern said...

I think you're amazing, but you already new that!

Colby Kern said...

Oh, and once again, the quality of your photography makes me weep with envy.

Anonymous said...

spine-shivers with forehead kisses... oh, i want that too :)

Jane said...

I love all your photos, as always! You sound busy, remember to take breaks - TV breaks are always good ;)

Anonymous said...

Hello love,
I'm sorry I didn't see the previous post before. Thinking of you! Hope you are much better now<3

I agree with your answer :] I also want a boy with a contagious smile.