May 3, 2011

everybody loves everybody else.

from the first and second days i was in Perth. (: oh, the fish and chips were amazing! really, even the chips are just so good. hehe. and the house that we rented to stay in was so lovely and cosy. i was a little sad to leave it, hehe. my family and i had a steamboat dinner on Easter Sunday, sooo delicious!


Brenda said...

The cakes look soo good..! Such lovely photographs. I love the one of the dark tree against the sky. The contrast is great! You look pretty (:

Also, the fish and chips do look great. I know I say it often but dang, your posts always make me hungry in the morning! :)

Anonymous said...

I love your blog and photos! So much!

Anonymous said...

Eep! Those cakes and the fish + chips looks SO good. :D

Anonymous said...

i really love your blog, good work

Anita said...

Just came across your blog. The photos are absolutely amazing!

kelly ann said...

That sixth photo? AMAZING! I love the contrast between the dark tree and the bright blue sky.


Tina Sosna said...

And I love the title. :)