May 10, 2011

young stars.

blew the cobwebs out of my mind, gave me bright eyes instead.

i have to apologize so profusely for neglecting my blog so much! i'm currently having my midterm exams that lasts for 2 weeks+ and believe it or not, i have barely taken 20 photos since i got back from Perth two weeks ago! ah. how terrible is this. i'm neglecting my camera too. i really want my creative spirit back. ):

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”
-Albert Einstein

i think this quote has found me at a right time.


kimberley said...

Fantastic photos! The yellow building is so cute!!
Best of luck with your exams :) Beautiful quote <3 xx

Lindsey said...

I definitely understand, sometimes life just gets in the way! Hang in there, I'm sure you're doing great on your exams as well :]

Fransisca Angela said...

Sometimes I feel the same way like you when my spirit to take pictures is just gone.
but it's life & somehow you just need to be on that situation.
I love each of your Perth posts :)
Hope you'll feeling better soon !

Anonymous said...

I completely understand, so don't feel bad at all! Gotta do what ya gotta to get them exams done. ;] Gorgeous photos. Number four is definitely my favorite. That car is SO cute, especially by that yellow town house! :D

arttu said...

i really love quotes, and that's a good one! beautiful photos you've taken, & good luck with your exams (: x

Anonymous said...

I understand! I'm going through the same amount of stress too. Don't worry, focus on school girl! Good luck on your exams :D

anouk said...

(good luck)
albert einstein was a wise person.

Jennifurla said...

Make yourself an assignment and get out there!

Brenda said...

These are all so beautiful. The first photograph is beyond words.
I really love that Schwinn. My boyfriend bought one recently and he's been wanting me to buy one too. I want a mint green one with a basket <3

That little car is adorable too :) Good Luck on your exams dear!

Cassidy said...

Lovely lovely pictures :)

Anita said...

You always take such amazing photos!