June 25, 2011


hello unicorns!

the lovely Anita has awarded me with the Stylish Blogger Award! (: what a delight.
As part of the conditions I am to:
  • Link back to the blogger whom had given you the award and thank them 
  • Write 10 interesting facts about yourself
  • Award four recently discovered blogs that you love
  • Contact these bloggers and notify them about their achievement
these are the 10 facts about me! hahah i am sooo lazy to think them up so i'm using ones similar to those that i put up on my tumblr. :3
  1. one of my front teeth is actually chipped (and capped) from when i fell from my bike 7 years ago.
  2. i snort when i laugh! though i try not to, it's turned into a habit. ):
  3. i kiss all my dogs at the same spot in between their eyes.
  4. i collect postcards, dried leaves, flowers and other useless, delicately beautiful things.
  5. my camera is named Flo, as in Florence. (:
  6. my parents have been divorced since before my mind could hold and keep memories.
  7. my favorite numbers are 7, 3 and 13!
  8. i plan to dye the ends of my hair a really pretty colour after i end high school so that i'll have mermaid hair!
  9. i love the scents of vanilla and Marc Jacobs' Lolita. (:
  10. i often wonder about life from as many perspectives as i can.
aahhh it was so hard to pick! but the bloggers i will award are:

these are some of the most recent blogs i've fallen in love with! hehe, they are all such wonderful ladies. (:


skeletaldreams said...

Oh my heavens, these photos are so beautiful! x

brigduong said...

I do number 10 also!
& these photos are so calming

Lindsey said...

I loooove the leaves in the first picture, I wonder what kind of tree it is...?

P.S. I think snort laughs are cute haha!

kimberley said...

Lovely photos! #4 is cool! I collect old movie tickets :) My oldest one dates back to 2003, when my mum and I saw Lord of the Rings 2! I was 11 lol. I love your new blog header by the way! I tried a macaroon for the first time the other day and it was delicious :) xx

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the award! You are so sweet!

Jane said...

Love the shadows in the third last picture!

Nice camera name - I used to be in the habit of naming my things, but I haven't come up with a name in a while. And #10 is a good habit to have!

galatea. said...

great nature photos!

thank you so much for the blogger award! I've actually never gotten one before, so this is pretty cool ;p thanks a bunch! x


Estelle said...

Tasha! Thank you so much for giving me this award, that means a lot coming from YOU because I'm always checking your blog for you amazing photographs!

Thank you so much for all your comments on my blog, and I'm sorry I'm only replying now. I didn't bring my laptop with me overseas and it's really hard to use blogger on my iphone lol...my fingers are too fat to keep zooming in to press those tiny buttons!

Let's move to London together? Isn't it amazing....and I know you would do it justice with your beautiful photography skills :)

Have I already mentioned how many things we have in common, with our love for Harry Potter and Roald Dahl and Pride and Prejudice? Seriously we are like soul mates! Did you hear about that Pottermore website JK Rowling just set up (just to get off the topic of fashion for second hehe...)

I snort when I laugh and love vanilla too! And I like how you described your future hair as mermaid hair...what colour are you thinking of dying it? Pastel? Blonde? I'm sure it'll look super pretty :)

x x x x


Jada said...

Oh good, I'm not the only one that names inanimate objects. Ha :] (number 5)
These photographs are stunning dear<3

Anita said...

Your photography never fails to make me smile. Everything is so gorgeous and beautiful. I love how you make the most simplest things appear to be so beautiful.

Number 5 is so cute :')