July 8, 2011

artsy fartsy.

Artsy Fartsy from tasha faye on Vimeo.

my second video! (: hehe i know it's a little quick and i posted a video too in my last post, but my interest in filming has heightened! hahaha i will post more photographs in the next post though.

this video was a part of the bittersweet process of my friends and i finishing our Art coursework, there is so much to do! it's gonna be a long time till i next draw a flower or butterfly lol. paint on clothes, dark chocolate, Snow Patrol and rain. (:

hope you've all had a lovely week and happy Friday/weekend! xxx


Sue Lyn said...

Tasha love the paintings! especially the chameleon! Btw, where do you go to school?(: x

ohheyhellothere. said...

So lovely, such a beautiful song in the background too. xx

Jada said...

I love both of your videos! Please make more :D
You've inspired me to make one of my own<3

Anita said...

Wow I love it. You are so good at making videos! The paintings look fabulous, I love the owl one :')

Grace said...

Great video!

Pramudita Puspita said...

wow your blog is awesome! by the way let's be friend and follow each other..well exchange link will be nice! :) if u put my link, I make sure I'll do the same :) :0

Sidsel T. said...

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Have a lovely day,


Fransisca Angela said...

I enjoy the video and also love how you colored the paintings. it makes more real =D
oh and who remix these passion pit song? it sounds lovely!

annnie said...

Your video is wonderful!! Loved all the colours, in your art pieces and the paints and your classmates smiles :-)

Also the remix of Passion Pit is amazing, added to the atmosphere of the video :-)


P,s I used a 55-200mm lens for those photos! It's a bit unconventional for portraits but I just love it so much!