October 5, 2011


Diaphanous from tasha faye on Vimeo.

made from little fragments of my everyday life. (:
sometimes it's quintessential to be reminded of the little pleasures. x
(watch on Vimeo for HD!)


Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

Brilliant. I love how it plays with focus. x hivenn

Lindsey said...

You are so good at this!! And those plants that shrink away when you touch them are really cool :3

EMMAS said...

Hej :D har tävling på bloggen där du kan vinna tandblekning värde 599 kr! var gärna med :D länk: http://perssoneemma.blogg.se/2011/october/tavling-vinn-tandblekningsprodukt.html#comment

ber om ursäkt om du inte gillar sånnahär kommentarer!

Brenda said...

beautifully shot <3

you videos make me want to grab a camera and film everything around me... :)

Sue Lyn said...

eeek! love this vid, tash! the part where u were touching the mimosa plant made me smile (: x

whitney johnson said...

such a sweet little film! very well done! :) and my favorite way to eat honey is definitely with some butter on a piece of sourdough bread! tastes sooo yummy :)

Sydney said...

love it! :') x