December 29, 2011

a late Christmas wish.

my sister's pretty dress.
 my favourite new journal, an Alice in Wonderland one, that my aunt got for me from Japan. :) it also came with matching stickers!
 lights on our tree on Christmas Eve.
 Snacks while we played a word association game before opening presents at midnight. :)
 Christmas supper! mmm, such great food i had over the past few days. i still feel bloated...
 pressies! :)
my little cousin who is constantly on the iPad with my older cousin.

i really do hope this truckload of photos made up for me not blogging for almost a week! i also really hope that all of you reading had a wonderful, lovely, fun Christmas this year. :) only 2 more days left of 2011, make the best of it, loves. it makes me so anxious and a little excited to ring in the new year, so many mixed feelings. oh, the troubles of being a teenager.

on the 31st, i might be with family or friends or i might just take it easy and stay home and watch Inception hehe.
what are your plans for New Years' Eve? :) do share!


Anita said...

It looks like you had a great Christmas, Tasha :3. I hope you have a great NYE! I don't think I've got anything planned because I won't be back in Sydney.

Stace said...

Amazing snaps! Love the Alice journal it looks so pretty :)
I'm going away to a holiday house with fam and friends for NYE wew!
Watching Inception sounds amaze though, last year I stayed home with my best friend and watched a Clockwork Orange. Lol.


Jane said...

These pictures are so lovely, looks like you had a fantastic Christmas!
Have a great NYE! I'm probably gonna just hit up the city with some friends.

Hanna said...

I really enjoyed seeing your Christmas pictures :) seems like you had a great time. This new year eve I'm having dinner with some of my friends ... I'm really looking forward to it. Your plans sound great too.

whitney said...

Wow, looks like you had an amazing Christmas! Your family is so gorgeous!
I'm so excited for 2012 as well. I'm partying all night on New Year's Eve!

Sewon said...

You did a wonderful job capturing the holidays! :]

Louise said...

Whoa, these pictures Tasha! It looks like you had an amazing Christmas! Such happy faces! Your family looks so nice! And I love the kitchen, I don't know who's that is, but it is awesome.

Happy New Year to you!

Jada said...

Aw, so glad you had a wonderful Christmas. You were lucky to be surrounded by the people you loved! Hope you got everything you wanted, and happy new year :)

Hannah Curson said...

The first and third photographs are so beautiful :)
And that cake looks amazing! x

Mirthe said...

Your pictures are wonderful and I really like your blog:)

galatea. said...

wow! this looks like an incredible christmas party you had with your family xx

Fransisca Angela said...

Looks like you've had a very great Christmas celebration. I really love this post! I can feel the warmth around you and your family. Merry Christmas :)

BrightWhiteNoises said...

Nice christmas pictures, it seemed to have been a great moment !