January 30, 2012

I got a love that keeps me waiting

photographs of everyday things and a self-portrait series.
on the train ride homeward with my papa
seashells from the seashore in a shimmering box from my best friend
sunrise this morning (the colours disappeared so soon and my heart fell a little)
the prettiest orchid surprising me while i was walking in the city
self-portraits because i got my new tripod and couldn't resist not taking them.

college has brought along a few good things (thus far) and i was told something about myself that i didn't know today and it made my heart smile, too; my new friend said that i'm a 'photographic' person and that i notice little things that others don't. (not so secretly) i'd like to think so as well.

i have found inspiration from photographers all over the world to create and not be blinded by the city and school rush and for once in a long time i feel like i'm living fully again.
i am so content.

"Photography, as we all know, is not real at all. It's an illusion of reality with which we create our private world."
-Arnold Newman

(thanks to a new follower, Paulina)

p.s. i've just created a Facebook page for my photography! please do come and like it. :) Tasha Faye (photographer)


Lindsey said...

Your self portraits look so great, I'm horrible at them ^^; (something to practice at I guess..) Your days seem like they are filled with a lot of nice things. I hope life is treating you well <3

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Very nice! And what a gorgeous orchid!

Also, a tripod? How exciting! I just got mine this summer:D

arttu said...

these photos are gorgeous! oh my really. and the ones on the previous post too *___*

Nitya Krisnantari said...

Hi Tasha!
I really like your photos!
Keep posting great pictures

Deia said...

you're my favourite! xx i love you, dear tasha.

athena said...

you have very enchanting photos :>

kimberley said...

ah, I have missed your posts! sorry for not blogging for such a long time! I have missed it :(
beautiful photos! I adore how you capture the world; everything is so ethereal and wonderful xx

Sue Lyn said...

another lovely series of photos! tasha how lovely can you get! (: Btw, how did you take your self portrait photos? With a remote?

reply from my blog : I got the shoes from pavilion forever21! (:

Jada said...

That beatles shirt!!!<3 Ahh, I must have :) Haha, I just got really excited because I'm basically a huge beatles fan. You look gorgeous in your self portraits!

trisha said...

Macaroooooons! And love your sky shots. :-)

Louise said...

That quote is amazing. And I like your photographs, as always. That Beatles shirt is brilliant, and I'd love to have some macaroons! And the second self-portrait is my favourite!

Estelle said...

Tasha, I want your life! Look at all this beautiful scenery and yummy food! Also I can't believe how pretty your self portraits look :)

Clearly you notice little things that other people don't- thats what separates you from all the other photographers and what makes people keep returning to visit your blog!