January 7, 2012


at noon.
at sunset.
at dusk.
at night.
clouds on the first day of 2012.
the most beautiful ring and seaglass and seashells from one of my bestest friends. :)
this is such a great book. i think everyone should read it! it's one of the books that made me feel so much.
my new shoes. :)


Anonymous said...

Nice photos ! :) I love hot you took pictures of the buildings during every time of the day :)

Louise said...

Whoa. Tasha. Seriously. THAT PICTURE AT SUNSET. THOSE CLOUDS. (!!!!!) Whoa. Awesome picture. Although, I have to say... I pretty much like almost all of these pictures very much.

The ring looks so pretty, and so do the little doodles/drawings in your notebook. And the 1 nail that has a different colour from the rest. And I'll put that book on my reading list for 2012. And those shoes, oh my... the pattern is amazing.

And this comment is way too... weird. I hope you had a good start of 2012. :)

Jane said...

Gorgeous pictures, as always! I love your leaf ring. Faving Francesca is a great book, Melina Marchetta is an amazing writer! Have you read any of her other books?

Carissa said...

i loooove that ring of yours


Carissa said...

i loooove that ring of yours


arttu said...

super gorgeous photos! now following :) x

MarieAntoinette said...

amazing pictures ♥

Fransisca Angela said...

Tasha I really love your pictures! This post really gives me chill. Happy new year to you ,more surprises and happiness to come. So glad to finally can see your pictures again after a long hiatus.

Hannah Curson said...

Wow I love the transition photos throughout the day! And that first train photo looks like it's a toy, amazing! x

daniela said...

love the 1st one!<3 xx

galatea. said...

i loooove these combination of photos together! you show such a unique urban side of malaysia i really like x

you know, my real name is francesca? so when i saw that book it made me smile x

gala, galatea is my photography alias xx hehe!