March 26, 2012

little things and big days.

table topic cards.
purple flowers that are blooming everywhere along a path in college.
webs sewn from light.
in the forest amidst a concrete jungle.
a photo of a photoshoot.
pretty interiors.
my pretty friendddd.

i don't do well loving silently. everything feels like it's all going either too slow or too quickly and time passes and weeks pass and when i realize it, nostalgia almost smothers me. mostly i wonder if i'm digging my own grave, being vulnerable and near psychotic. mostly too, i let myself pull back in because i know i will be happy because i am living.

because i am loving and feeling and living and aren't those reasons good enough to be happy?
(i have an incredible thirst for inspiration and some good, fulfilling photo time too)



Kasia Skowron said...

and the 4th one is incredible!

Louise said...

smothered by nostalgia, it's a nice way to put it. I sometimes wish I could be friends with you in real-life... you seem like such an inspirational person. And I like these pictures, as always. I also really like picture no. 6.

Jada said...

"I don't do well loving silently" - me too, girlie. I've been feeling like that lately. It's really hard :/

Blaze said...

Beautiful photos Tasha! :)

galatea. said...

i've been wanting to get table topic cards for quite sometime now. i always think it would just be interesting to know what others have to say about the most random things x