April 16, 2012

we are the reckless, we are the wild youth.

my new cousin, Elisha. :)
my bunny day.
i miss so many things, like afternoon naps and sleeping while it's raining and familiar routines and feeling safe.
i think what i need is a safe haven and an endless stream of love and one right person. also, lots of photo adventures to get the passion pumping through my veins again because unhealthy distractions have been consuming me far too much than they should have been.
fingers crossed!



Jada said...

Elisha is smiling!!! AW. Yay :) What a beautiful baby!

I hope you find that one right person soon. We all need to feel that sense of safety because we can feel lost at times. Sending love your way, dear <3

Yernie Yip said...

The first photo is just whoa! *.*

Sue Lyn said...

aw you dip dyed?! :)) tasha.. your cousin Elisha is just beautiful! I hope this doesnt sound silly but, is Elisha a girl or boy. Haha. Sorry! But i know both females and males with that name. :)

Jane said...

Oh my gosh, your baby cousin is so cute! Congrats to your aunt!

Brenda said...

I absolutely love the first photograph! It looks vintage ♥ Elisha is a beautiful baby, I didn't know babies can smile so early on in their lives.

You'll find the right person Tasha! I am sure of it:) && I hope these unhealthy distractions won't keep you too far from taking pictures! They're always a favorite of mine x

Blaze said...

Adorable! Your new cousin is beautiful!! Your photos are as always, wonderful, real, and inspiring!