April 22, 2012

white lightning.

in the (paraphrased) words of one Blair Waldorf, destiny is a stupid excuse for losers who wait for things to happen instead of making them happen. similarly, FDR once said that to want isn't sufficient enough, you've got to ask yourself what you are going to do to get what you want. all that is well and dandy and i (think) i might have have the moxie to go for what i want but what scares me most is not the process of getting it, it's the thought of what will happen after, the thought of failure and/or rejection. if all of it fails i'd probably go numb again. being numb is good but it's a little too safe for my taste and sometimes being numb takes a toll on you and strikes you how much you fear everything.

but then what if you never got the chance to do what it is you want to do? i fear regret most of all.


Louise said...

Never got the chance to do what is its that you want to do? I guess that living in a 'western world' kind of excludes that option.

And regret is just something you need to cope with. If you always try doing your best, and do what you love and love what you do... regret won't get a chance to terrorize your life. Or that is what I learnt from life recently.

I hope you'll find the strength to go after what you want to pursue. :)

And I like your photos, as always.

Jenny said...

We all fail and get rejected throughout our lives and you know what I think it does? Makes us stronger and work harder to achieve what we want in life. I went through a period of numbness and I lifted myself out of it as I wanted to be happy and feel. You strike me as a person who wants to experience life so I'm glad you know that numbness makes you fear which leads to regret.

Keep the faith that you can achieve anything you want in life because I get the impression, you are not going to sit back and let life pass you by.

Your photographs are as beautiful as ever. I haven't been on Blogger for awhile and like what I said to Jada, I've missed blogs like yours. Reason: you show such heart in your posts and that is a good thing in my books. V.inspiring :D

Anita said...

Love both of the photos :-) And also the quote from Blair Waldorf. Gossip Girl has really good quotes!

Kasia Skowron said...

T. it's better to regret something you have done than something you haven't.

Sue Lyn said...

jump and take the leap of faith, i say :) what IS rejection?? there's nothing to lose. you have my back whatever it is <3

Jane said...

That's probably my favourite quote from Blair. I think it's good to remember that failure or rejection is always better than not having tried in the first place. Here's a relevant quote from JK Rowling (because she's a genius)

"It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all - in which case, you fail by default."

Anonymous said...

hi i'm not sure if you even remember but i used to write on a blog called the ugly pigling :)
even though i don't really blog anymore i still read yours from time to time and i have to say that it never fails to make me smile/think/wish i never deleted my blog, etc.

keep it up!! xx

Blaze said...

Wow! Your post speaks to me today. I can easily second guess my choices, but try to find peace and not fear what I can't control. xo!

Hanna said...

i love this post, since this as well could be my own thoughts put into words. and it IS worth it, the risk of failure (so far, in my case, at least ...). but sometimes i wonder if what i fear is to succeed as well as to fail? and that's completely irrational, of course. but dreams and aspirations can be such a consolation. anything that makes them dissolve might be a bad thing. oh well. we'll just have to keep striving, i guess.

Jada said...

I think in life, we are all afraid to go after what we want because of failure or rejection. But if we don't at least try, we are only failing ourselves even more.

Life is about experiences, whether they are good or bad. And without experiences, you aren't really living.

You are being the most fearless person already. Go out and do what you want, regardless of what happens.

Sewon said...

I'm definitely the type to take the plunge and try things. Ah, but I still can't shake away the anxiety that follows. Good luck, whatever it is that you're striving to accomplish! :)

fifth floor apartment said...

hmmmm....very interesting. i never realized how much i fear regret myself. very thought provoking.

xo alison