May 3, 2012

people, strangers, friends, people

my favourite kind of photography. i was first inspired to photograph strangers because of Nirrimi's words;

"my father always told me that strangers are just friends we haven't met yet. it's a nice thought.

lately my camera (whose name happens to be max) has been keeping me company on my adventures. he hangs about my neck, whispering which memories i should keep alive. and mostly i've been brave enough to listen. to break through personal spaces. cross through the invisible lines.

it's doing things like this that make you feel alive."

i remember reading this when all of it was still so new to me and i was searching for inspiration anywhere and everywhere i could find it. there will never be anything else that i'd be more passionate about than this and i learned to be brave and that makes me feel alive


kimberley said...

fantastic captures of friends not yet met. I hope you're having a wonderful time on the gold coast!

p.s. I made a new, more personal blog (again lol), my 'bel*eve' blog will become my place for "professional" shoots lol, but I still wanted a place to be me -


Jada said...

"Strangers are just friends we haven't met yet." I love that. You are a wonderful photographer, Tasha. These capture such real emotions. I sound like my photography professor, who happens to get all deep on the students...haha!

Kasia Skowron said...

T - you're master in catching moments.

Louise said...

I think it's wonderful how passionate you are about photography. And I really like the quote. I always only knew the first line. (which was already pretty good to me)

Hanna said...

yup, that's me :) and thank you, that is such a sweet compliment!!
I've been meaning to ask you, do you mostly ask people if you can take photos of them, or do you shoot away at a safe distance hoping for the best? I find the thought of asking peolpe for their picture slightly ... scary, to tell the truth! Though I probably should try it. Developement, and all that.

Sue Lyn said...

Tasha! Glad you're back safe :) And it looked like you had a really good time in Australia. I'm so happy for you ; that you took lotsa photos! Thanks for posting them and sharing the memories you had there :)

galatea. said...

oh wow look at that upside down jetski!!