August 24, 2012


(cupcakes by YY, 3 months ago)

hello! :)
i've been thinking desperately of a way to thank all of you, my blog readers and those who love and have supported my work all this while. i finally came up with an idea that i hope will suffice! i will be filming a q&a video to answer the questions any of you may have, so please do feel free to ask (just about) anything at all! just drop a comment with your question on this post or send a message to my facebook photography page :)

hope you're all well and happy! xxx


Hanna C. said...

oh what an great idea!
btw love the pictures. they are all so great:)

Regina Leah said...

this looks so delicious! and the photos are lovely ;)

Jane said...

My question is... well not so much of a question, but describe an ordinary day in your life!

Anonymous said...

have you ever thought of moving in another country,like uk or the states?

Louise said...

Ohhh, I shoud make cupcakes soon too! They look gooooood.

Hmmm questions huh... okay. I'm firing away, see for yourself what you'll want to answer! ;)

Since when have you been into photography?
What do you study/want to study/did you study?
Where would you love to live when you've "grown up"?
What's your favourite weather?
What's your favourite food?
Who's been your biggest inspiration all these years? Or do you have different ones?
How do you cope with uninspired-ness?
Do you usually edit your photos a lot?
What is your all time favorite song? (or songs, of course)

Hehe, those were my questions! :D

Daisy said...

oh wow, you have an awesome eye for photography. And you just made me so hungry right now :)

x Daisy

Mónica C. Welton said...

looks good!


Clara Turbay said...

I always see beautiful things here, so I visit often.

putri soe said...

awesome photos, especially the swirl photos <3
following you now

From the desk of
a lifestyle blog from Jakarta

Anonymous said...

These look soooo YUMMMYYYY! You're pictures are gorgeous. And the first picture looked like ice cream! YUM

Vanessa and Jana said...

Oh those look so really yummy!
All the best,

Jana & Vanessa from charming Berlin ♥

Marta Dopazo said...

Cute pics!

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