August 13, 2012

love is blindness.

(nothing self-portraits)
i've been experimenting (a lot) with editing and though some of these aren't exactly my taste, i thought i'd still give them a try! after all, adventure does begin at the end of your comfort zone.

i finished reading The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald a couple of months ago and this passage has never left my mind;

"But his heart was in a constant, turbulent riot. The most grotesque and fantastic conceits haunted him in his bed at night. A universe of ineffable gaudiness spun itself out in his brain while the clock ticked on the wash-stand and the moon soaked with wet light his tangled clothes upon the floor. Each night he added to the pattern of his fancies until drowsiness closed down upon some vivid scene with an oblivious embrace. For awhile these reveries provided an outlet for his imagination; they were a satisfactory hint of the unreality of reality, a promise that the rock of the world was founded securely on a fairy's wing."

such utter perfection.


Louise said...

Red suits you really well. I think the editing of these pictures is gorgeous. I should try editing some more myself too..

I loved The Great Gatsby myself, and that passage is indeed utter perfection.

kimi said...

tasha, you look beautiful! lovely, lovely photographs. a fantastic passage too - it has leaked inspiration into my tuesday morning <3

Macha said...

you look absolutely lovely and your hair looks gorgeous!
your blog is full of smiles and is really stylish, I will come back!

Regina Leah said...

I love the editing on these beautiful photos. The contrast is perfect and I love your expression!

Evia said...

Wonderful portraits :)
Evia x

galatea. said...

always always pretty xx

AVY said...

It's a beautiful book.

/ Avy