September 22, 2012

Jamaican Space Hunter

photographs i took of a band called Jamaican Space Hunter. :) check out their Facebook page here, and while you're there listen to their track "Samantha". (i promise it's worth your likes and few minutes to listen to their song!)



Ieva Lasmane said...

I just cant get over how I love edit on your pictures! Beautiful!

And photos are so full of life, again. :) Like all your photos!

Regina Leah said...

yes, really beautiful moments again and i love the tones you used :)

putri soe said...

"Jamaican Space Hunters".
The name speaks for itself, and these photos make a great memory!

Putri Soe

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Sydney L. said...

memorable moments!
im giving it a listen. the beginning already sounds amazing!

Anna said...

Hey! I still see your photos are as pretty as ever. Thanks for all your great support. It was thoughtful since I just moved into a university dorm really far from home. But your right with what you said and I feel it too: some good changes are happening.

Hope your having a great weekend!


Yernie Yip said...

I love number 10 the most but the last five are absolutely gorgeous too. Actually, i love all of em. Gah!

kimi said...

awesome photos tasha! you've captured the atmosphere perfectly - I feel as if I was standing there with you listening to the sounds they create <3

stefanie said...

i love the picture of the cat! :D so adorable

Louise said...

Nice! Oh, by the way, thanks for the add on facebook! (I'm Marloes B. - now you know my 'real' name :p) I love seeing your photos and posts there on my friendstreamthing!

ah and I've finally changed my blog url, 0023am.blogspot it is!

Anh said...

Your photos are so beautiful! And I had a listen, they're not bad at all :)

Jane said...

Great pictures are usual Tasha! I love the Maccas run in between, haha. I think my favourite is the second to last one!

S. said...

These photos are so inspiring!

/S / http://

Jada said...

whoa whoa whoa. that drummer.
all i have to say.