October 23, 2012


a note i left in college for anyone who needed it.
"procrastinators: leaders of tomorrow". this lady was reading her book the whole train ride until the end of the line and occasionally had on a bemused expression.
one of the happiest photos i've taken in a long time

i think i could possibly fall more and more in love with trains everytime i go on one. whether it is the glow of the artificial light in dark, velvety underground tunnels or on the elevated tracks where i feel like i am among the tall buildings, everything is calming. and the people are my favourite. i see all kinds of people, some from faraway lands and some possibly living the next street over and i wonder about every one of them. i try my best to not be clubbed into the dank submission of routine, mediocrity and oldness. i want to see old things and places and people in new ways as much as i possibly can and still find beauty in all of them.
i found a wondrous bit of inspiration from this artist i recently discovered;

The world is so interesting. I mean it’s so fucking supremely interesting.

Our own bodies, other people’s bodies, the streets with their clutter of 
civilization, words, people’s shoes, animals and their direct approach to 
life, books, music, art, science, movies, food, architecture and on and on.
Really, only the truly lazy are at liberty to be bored. The rest of us have
no choice  but to gawk with curiosity at an endless stream of this or that.
And that’s probably why you’re on tumblr.

Of course, it’s not always easy. We’re trained to think in patterns; to club
things together. So eventually we stop noticing things. When we’re out
on the street we see traffic, stores, people and garbage. Instead of yellow
Corvette, neon typography, shiny shoes or a discarded chair. 

We also tend to label things as having been experienced. This destroys
inspiration. Just because you’ve listened to a song doesn’t mean you can’t
hear it for the first time again. You can have first experiences over and
over again. You just have work harder to untrain your brain.

That’s what inspiration is to me. To find the maximum number of things 
in this world interesting and to try to experience events as if I haven’t
already. This makes me interesting. And everything I do interesting.


(Source: shahirzag.com)


Kasia Skowron said...

T. first of all I love the photos, especially the dark one taken on railway station (?).

I'm amazed by the note you left in school - you're such a marvelous person. And you need to know that YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION for people

Hanna said...

I don't think I can really express how much I love everything about this post. The photographs, the words, your words... YOU are my source of inspiration!

Dilan Dilir said...

lovely photos!

Yernie Yip said...

I'm sure you can tell how much i absolutely LOVE all these photos since i liked em all on facebook! Hehe. Your photos make me want to visit more interesting places & just keep improving.

Jada said...

To be honest, I almost lost it when I went through these photos. They all have so many different emotions in each of them, and I just wanted to cry. You. are. one. talented. lady. Beautiful :)

Regina Leah said...

you radiate so much love. this post was something special that i can return to when life is showing its rough side again.