November 10, 2012


 one morning when i followed my grandma to the market
 a Japanese garden right in the middle of the city
 mushroom soup at one of my favourite restaurants, Ben's!
 coloured rice for Deepavali

 henna tattoo on a stranger in the train

 cold morning into the city
 Van Gogh sweatshirt from 1000 apparel that i've been waiting for to arrive and i received it on a day that i didn't think of it and that is one of the best feelings ever; to have something that has been lingering in your mind surprise you once you forget about it.

 strangers at the table next to us during breakfast


"Don’t you ever, ever think that there is not something beautiful left to behold. Everywhere, even in the darkest days and the loneliest nights, there is something stunningly gorgeous waiting to find your emptied eyes. Promise me, promise, that when it comes, when it arrives, when you stumble aimlessly upon it, you will stop, you will wipe them, and you will let every bit of it race through and into you. Let it fill you. Let it heal."
-Tyler James Knott


Bernadeth G. said...

Such a lovely post, I like these pictures so much! :)

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Yernie Yip said...

My favourite is the shot of the henna and i love the sweatshirt!! And your hair is pretty long now, yay!

Jane said...

Awesome sweatshirt! Nothing like a suprise in the mail. I especially love the last picture, looks like a pretty place!

Janice said...

Your photos are really gorgeous! And Van Gogh is simply awesome!

Jada said...

That sweatshirt is perfect, and I am obsessed with anything Tyler James Knott. He's an amazing writer!

Macha said...

Those flowers on the second picture are amazing! And I love your sweatshirt hah!

Anonymous said...

I love the photo of the henna tattoo. Also that is the best sweatshirt I have seen in my life. It's beautiful.

Farrah said...

Beautiful pictures your blog is great!!

Marlen said...

that quote was so beautiful and moving. it definitely perked me up :) and you took such pretty shots- i'd be way too chicken to take them of strangers haha

Mary Lee said...

oh my gosh wow! you're photo diary looks incredible!

hope you'll visit back!

kimi said...
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kimi said...

your photography continues to grow and evolve, it is so lovely to see! beautiful photos tasha! ♥