January 20, 2013

Singapore photo diary ii

real christmas trees!

(i was in love with the flowers and my new shoes)

a couple having their pre-wedding shoot :)

this was terrifying to walk on!
by the time we reached here i was barely able to move, let alone walk properly hahaha. phobia of heights is terrible! i wasn't able to take one single picture of the view below for the fear of dropping my camera (or toppling myself over)

this man was quite delighted that i was photographing him! i love friendly strangers :)
i want my future home to have rainbow/colour-coded windowpanes!
on the day before Christmas Eve, we went to the Gardens by the Bay! it had such amazing, breathtaking structures that words simply cannot describe. i wish i'd taken along my 18-55mm just so i could get a photo of the whole dome but oh well!

i was just so amazed at this exotic amalgamation of life from all over the world brought together under one single dome. i loved the overall atmosphere at this place! it was a breath of life and i felt so in touch with nature, something that i've not felt in far too long.


Sydney L. said...

i love the photo of a kid and a bulldog!

Macha said...

Loved the second picture! These colours and perfect depth of field give a gorgeous effect!
The animated gif with your lovely new shoes and the flowers is also great, but they are all so good.
This glasshouse seems to be a wonderful place!

Jane said...

Gardens by the Bay looks awesome. Did the thing you were walking along have a glass bottomed floor? I love the animation of your shoes and the flowers, haha!

kimi said...

beautiful! you have such a magical way of photographing candidly. it is so lovely <3

Anonymous said...

beautiful pictures!! how do you edit all of these? :)

DAKOTA said...

OMG: B E A U T I F U L ! ! ! <3! ! ! ! ! !

Again, I'm so glad to have found your blog. You're added to my favs now! xx

Stefanie Tan said...

Oh my word!! The gif is so cute! and the pictures are lovely <3

little henry lee said...

lovely photos, singapore is a beautiful place! i especially like the one of that little boy and the dog that looks so huge compared to him, haha.

little henry lee