June 2, 2013

Melbourne ii

overgrown on flickr

sweater weather on flickr

"lightness" on flickr

Chloe on flickr

listen to his music here :)



Anatomia duszy. said...

Amazing coffee shop, wish I could visit it one day. :) I love those photos. :)

Farrah said...

Love the photos, I would love to go to Melbourne

Louise said...

Ok. That's it. I want to go to Melbourne. If my funds were limitless I'd booked by now, but thanks for bringing Melbourne a bit closer to me. I loooooove your impressions of the city, it looks so vibrant and artsyfartsy!

little henry lee said...

great photos! melbourne is such a beautiful city and you captured it really well! also i love that you took a few photos of strangers going about their business, sometimes you see someone that looks really interesting but i'm always too shy (and worried that they'll catch me and think i'm a weirdo) to take a photo of them.

little henry lee

kimberley hill said...

Lovely photos! The colours in your work is to die for - so beautiful! ♥