October 25, 2010

chasing pavements.

hello, hello! (:

my webcam pictures are so grainy! haha. but sometimes, i'd prefer going back to basics. (: i've been feeling unsettled all night. something's missing and i don't know what. i think i know. that keeps me from sleeping. *sigh. but anyway, i really have to sleep soon even if it means cuddling up with a book and falling sleep reading it.

i hope i'll feel better in the morning. i'll say my prayers and in the morning, i shall not be fazed.

goodnight, world!


Lindsey said...

You're adorable! I hope you get your thoughts sorted out soon, I find a nice walk outside always help me :]

tasha said...

thank you, sweetpea! <3 and yes, i shall most definitely try that walk this evening. (: