October 23, 2010

pineapple sky, crystal bottles and candy bracelets.

the beginning of my experience with RAW pictures. (:

hello world! (: meet my newest friend and camera, Flo the Nikon D3100. hehehe. i'm ecstatic by the mere idea of even owning one. it hasn't really set in in my mind yet that i have one.
and i have my step-daddy to thank for all my recent smiles! <3

i sound like an over-excited teen girl getting a dslr. God, help me. but the point is, photography is one of the things that make my heart sing. (:


kelly ann said...

yay! nikons are amazing cameras. i have a nikon and i ADORE it. have lots of fun with it, sweetie! :)


tasha said...

hehe, thank you! (: you're such a doll. <3