November 14, 2010

best friends.

dear best friends,
we haven't known each other since we had one-digit ages and we don't see each other every week and we don't call each other everyday. but that's all okay because you're one of the true best friends i ever had! i just felt like letting you know how grateful i am for you being there every time, especially when things got so tough. you listened and cheered me up. thank you for your love and support. though we've had some ups and downs, we'll work through them cause i don't ever want to lose you. (: i've had so much fun during every minute of our friendship, you are a beautiful soul. i love you.


ching said...

awww that's sweet. i hope you guys talk more often.

tasha said...

haha, thank you. (:

Hayley Ann said...

you are a little ray of sunshine, darling :)

tasha said...

thank you for making me smile, love. <3 (: