November 15, 2010

the cure.

i had my first macaroons, ever today. i love everything about Whisk, the little cafe in that big mall. (: when i arrived home, it started raining heavily. i sat on my bed, listening to the rain pitter-patter on the roof. they whisper to comfort us, i promise you. lastly, i bought sickeningly sweet pink things today, they are utterly adorable, aren't they?


Lindsey said...

I love that little coin purse, so nice and feminine :]

I've never had macaroons that look like that. i tried some from an organic supermarket before, but they looked nothing like that lol. still delicious, though.

Shasha Van der Pendersen said...

macaroons are the best! what flavor were they?? i love hazelnut or pistachio, or strawberry (because its pink and amazing)
you take the most beautiful photographs, what camera do you use?
love shibori

tasha said...

Lindsey: thank you! <3
Shasha: i really have no idea what flavor they were! /: haha! thank you and i use nikon d3100. (:

somewhat nameless said...

Oh how I love the rain. & Mmm... macaroons are the absolute best. I've only ever had them once, on my study abroad trip to Paris. So lovely. ♥

Chelsea Lane said...

1. evverryyoonnneee has tried macaroons but me! I wantwantwant!
2. I love rain, especially when I have many cups of tea to go with.
3. oh my gosh. utterly adorable, and I want it all.


Anonymous said...

I've never had macaroons before...isn't that sad? I need to get on that asap. I love the sound of the rain, it makes me smile :]

tasha said...

thanks for commenting, loves! +Chelsea and Jada, you guys should definitely try macaroons soon! it's delicious. <3