November 8, 2010


hello lovelies! (:

these photos are from the weekend. i love the picture of the white flowers. <3 they look so vulnerable and lucid. then, on Saturday, i had a light lunch at this quaint little place that i often pass by but never really went into. i love, too, the decoration there. (: the third picture is one of my friends cycling. the idea of taking a picture like that was inspired by downtownfrombehind. it's such a wonderful blog, you should def. give it a visit! (:

"i know who i am, where i am going and who i love and that is beyond so many."
-Nirrimi Hakanson

that's all i have for now!


kelly ann said...

love that quote. <3

tasha said...

me too. <3

Anna said...

that quote made my heart swell! thanks lovely lady!

tasha said...

you're so welcome, sweetpea. (: <3