November 6, 2010

hometown glory.

Taiping, Malaysia.

doesn't this place look beautiful?

i'll be going home there next Friday! (: i'm so excited already. i miss everything there. one of the best things is that i've got family there and my Grandma lives near the Lake Gardens, and when we awake at the right time, we can hear the roars of the lions and tigers over at the Zoo. not to mention the sunrises and sunsets and hills. <3
total bliss.


nany said...

woooow....I want to be there!! In Germany it's nearly winter! :) Great photo!!

tasha said...

i do, too! (: and that isn't actually my photo! i linked it to its source. (:

Lindsey said...

Lucky girl! It's so beautiful, please take some pictures and post them for us!

tasha said...

awww! but no promises though! i just might have a very very short visit then back. ):