December 9, 2010

ivy & gold.

today has been (pretty much) a big, fat nothing day, but at the same time i loved it. i cooked a jumbo packet of instant noodles for lunch and that was all the food i had the whole day. after that, i watched tv and shot some pretty pictures of random things i found in my home; a box of matches, little clay box with roses carved on it, two books of LIFE, a little cup in the shape of father christmas and of my silver fingernails and red toenails.

on monday though, i was cycling in the drizzle with my sequined santa hat on. i smiled at everyone i passed, in cars and walkers and wanderers. i love doing things that are unexpected! i'd always feel so alive.

and on saturday, my grandma will be back from singapore after sydney! i've missed her so much. (:

but on each and every day, i have delicious daydreams of when i will run away to capture the boy of my fancy and to capture the world and when i come back down to earth i work to make my wildest fantasies come true.

"Lift my feet, raise my head, love & sweat & tears i've bled, i create the path i see ahead."
-Bliss N Eso


Lindsey said...

Woah, I gotta check this book out. Such wonderful, iconic photos. Isn't the nurse kissing the sailor one of the most romantic pictures ever?

Hayley Ann said...

what a fantastic book!

tasha said...

you guys should most definitely check it out! <3 i have two of them actually. (: they are both from the 80's but i hope you can still find them! they really are inspiring and wonderful. <3