February 5, 2011

blue eyes, freckles, red.

hello loves! (:

this post is a few days late but i celebrated Chinese New Year with my family, welcoming a prosperous year of the Rabbit. (: my Grandma cooked laksa like she does every year, oh my goodness, it is just so delicious! and we had a reunion dinner on the eve and i got lots of red packets from my family! we also went shopping yesterday and i did a bit of people-watching, hehe. <3
oh, i love Chinese New Year.


Anonymous said...

Happy Chinese New Year!! Hope you have a fabulous year filled with... fabulousness! Haha! ;]

That last picture, the one of the food, omd, looks SO yummy! ♥


Anonymous said...

♥hepi Chinese New Year!!!

i love the puppy!! Puppy love..!
and the rings... so cute!

Lindsey said...

Aw, your pup is adorable! And Happy Chinese New Year, darlin!

Oh yeah, I would like to come over for dinner lol.

kayetbeephotography said...
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brigduong said...

the ring is so lovely!

Brenda said...

Oh, I love these! Happy Chinese New Year =) You look lovely in your picture (: