February 6, 2011

everything means nothing.

 this post is for things that look, taste and sound pretty +good quotes. and i am grateful for everything beautiful that makes everyone feel pretty. (first two photos are mine, the rest are linked back to their sources. (: )

this is so lovely and inspiring and beautiful! it always makes me feel better and more confident everytime i watch it. (: i found it thanks to Anna from Little Reminders of Love.

from my idol and hero, Nirrimi.

be happy and inspired, loves. (:

"Doing what you like is freedom. Liking what you do is happiness."
-Frank Tyger


Lauren said...

I liked this post quite a bit! Kinda random, but fun at the same time? Yeah, haha. And I left a little happier, and a little more inspired ;D

~Lauren :)

Anonymous said...

OmD! I say that quote somewhere this morning and I was going to put as my facebook status and forgot to. Haha! That's so cool. Love all of these pictures. ♥ Great post!


Anonymous said...

You have SUCH a lovely blog! The photos you post are gorgeous and inspiring! Thank you! :)


Jennifurla said...

Oh very nice! Thanks for sharing these images.

Lindsey said...

Wow, what an awesome post full of inspiration. I am in freakin' love with that picture of the girl in the graveyard!

tasha said...

thank you so much, loves! <3
Lindsey, i am too! ahhh, i just can't seem to get over how beautiful it is! (:

Hanna said...

gosh, that looks soo good! :) you take lovely photos.