August 29, 2011

part time believer.

an old little rose-bud i found in my Enid Blyton book.
on my new desk! (:

every so often i fear i have grown cold, not being able to feel deeply (my old weakness). maybe even grown inure to heart-bruises and a faint, but still glaringly obvious frustration of not being able to express myself as i want to.

on a brighter note though, it's a good thing how much more happy i am able to feel when i want to. (:
and yet i have particularly immense, intense love for beauty and everything that i see and you too, of course and for those i have yet to meet.
(i will love him because it will be lovely to love him.)


Brenda said...

Your room is so inspirational Tasha! The photos of the trees and sunset are just beautiful :)

Your thoughts on love and happiness are always very insightful. It's a good thing to be intact with your thoughts.

daniela said...


Katie said...

Gorgeous pictures! Your desk looks so cute xo

Grace said...

Love this post!
You have an amazing room!
And your thought was so deep yet simple <3

brigduong said...

i agree with what you said about being happier when you want to be! sometimes i've noticed that when i'm feeling sad after a while i would tell myself that things go on and i instantly feel better :-)

and in reply to your comment, no they're not film photos! i still haven't fixed my scanner so i can't upload any for a while :(

Liberty Walk Sara said...

beautiful photos! :)

Limasim said...

oh how beautiful!!! i follow you! <3

whitney johnson said...

that sunset picture is so beautiful. and getting new desks is always fun :)

galatea. said...

I adore these lil' snippets of your daily life, and that late afternoon sky is like heaven! what a great capture x

Sue Lyn said...

wow you sure do read alot:D i wish i had the time to read D:

Karoline Kalvø said...

Amazing photos. Love your blog

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