September 1, 2011

first ever giveaway! (:

hello loves! (:

i have been planning to have a giveaway as soon as i gained 100 amazing followers and now i already have 108! so i thought i'd better have one to (sort of) thank all of my lovely readers for all of your support and love and encouragement! (:

and i know it's not really much for a giveaway but here they are!
  • 6" x 4" prints of four of my photographs.
  • a birdcage/feather necklace i found at a flea market!
the rules of the giveaway:
  1. to enter, you must be a follower of this blog! (:
  2. leave a comment for your entry and if you tweet/blog about it, leave another comment(s) so as to up your chances of winning!
  3. leave me your answer to this question: what is your favorite type of photography? why? (fashion, nature, portrait etc.) whether you're a photographer or not i think you'd have one! hehe. (:
  4. i will pick the winner based on your answer!
much love. x


Lauren said...

My favourite photography is of anything or anyone that doesn't know the camera is there. x

Johanna said...

Thank you Tasha! Your comments always makes me so happy! Lots of love! xx

Anonymous said...

I love looking at all kinds of photography because it just evokes a certain part of an emotion in you but if I really had to pick a type, I guess it would be candid photography of people, places and the small delicate details of life in general.

brigduong said...

congrats with the followers! your blog is inspiration in a nutshell

my favourite type is probably everyday photography because it captures what people normally forget. whether it's the highs or the lows, when we look back on the photos it triggers memories which would have otherwise been left behind and then from that more and more branches of the past are revisited and i think that's pretty amazing

p.s. i like photography in general because when you look at a photograph you're not just looking at it, it evokes all of the senses (i'm not sure if that made sense so e.g. the smell of pasta or the sound of the ocean etc)

Jada said...

Congrats on the followers, love!

My favorite type of photography is documentary because it captures a real story, real emotions, real people and places. As much as I love the creative process of fashion photography, there is more to documentary.

JeanneS said...

omg you took these photographs??? AAAARGH I WANT THEM! Well, first of all I am in for the giveaway - here's the tweet!/jeannesot and I love portraits because "colored portraits can show you the image, black and white portraits can show you the soul" :)

and yes, the girl in the picture is me, thank you sweetie :)

Felicia said...

Wow, what a great giveaway!

My favorite type of photography is photojournalism in all forms. I love photography that tells a true story with real people and real events. I think it is the most honest and raw form of photography and offers us a glimpse at humanity.

Sydney said...

im just back to the blogosphere i hope its still not too late to enter this giveaway cause both you and your giveaway are amazing! xx

im an old follower :)

i love any type of photography but i really enjoy seeing wildlife photographs! they always amaze me x