October 18, 2011

On my wall.

over the weekend, i went to pick up photos from my first roll using my La Sardina, (Cosima) and it turns out the roll was blank! i was so disappointed and it was the girl at the store who loaded it for me at first. so all day i was really down about it and i decided to work on a project to take my mind off of it. (after all, film does have this effect on people)

my grandma + grandpa, with photos of sunsets by my aunt and uncle.
 '70s European postcards that i mentioned here.
 all b&w photographs from when my grandparents were just starting a family and my mum and her siblings were children.
photographs of my mum, aunts, grandma when she was young (square one) and the old family pet, Lassie. :)

it feels wonderful to have some of my most favorite photographs of some of my most favorite people here. :)


Anonymous said...

Very sweet project! I really like the photos in the green frame best! Sorry to hear about your film! :(

Hanna said...

such lovely photos (but oh, what a disappointment with the film roll!). Your family look great :) i also like your glow in the dark stars!

Louise said...

Oh wow. I love this, those pictures are so full of nostalgia and nice feelings. Your grandparents seem wonderful and cute. (the bow-tie is awesome!)

I think those black and whate / sepia prints are nice too. Oh and your mom is gorgeous too! I like her hair a lot.

I'm sorry to hear about the film though... :(

Wida said...

Aww you're so lucky to have those pictures!

Missing Amsie Blog

Sydney said...

nostalgic! x

Lassie is pretty x


Anonymous said...

Aww I love this project so much! <3

galatea. said...

i'm sorry about your roll. that happened to me too. but i think it's how you load it! the guy at the photo place showed me! i'm sure your La Sardina work's like my Holga, but remember to put the film through the slit of the roller first, then have it curl until it's nice and secure x let me know if it works! i wasted two rolls of film and soo happy i didn't give up x

Johanna said...

Thanks a lot Tasha! Yes, they're from The Scientist, it's one of my favourite songs right now! xx