October 13, 2011


(photo belongs to Sophie Richards, from here)

under my eyes are dark with lassitude,
and i feel like The Smiths
i want to be sung to sleep,
not to wake up on my own
and i wish i knew some people longer than now
and some i wish i knew fleetingly.
and there are words i have read
and photos i have kept in my mind, that make me feel
and i see everything around me, complete
and yet, incomplete. there is no face to be with as one.
and i feel this itch, maybe an ache. knowing i can
accomplish more
and yet,
i want to photograph ballerinas, people. i need more
a poor attempt, but i hope you will bear with.
i have a deep longing to write
it does not come easy and is rare.
and yet,
here are my feelings.


Sydney said...

hey tasha. youre a genius. end off. <3

thanks to whoever clicks "agree" for me :)))))

haze said...

and it is beautiful. and beautifully written as well.

Oh tasha! I have missed you so very much, no words can even describe properly!

-haze (how far is heaven)

Hanna said...

thank you for your lovely compliment, you're too sweet :) though I believe I'm more so in that picture than in reality, hehe :)

i think the words and the picture combine perfectly!

Anita said...

Did you write that? You're so talented!

Louise said...

Tasha, I love your blog. If you actually really did write that, you're a genius. I love it.

Joanna said...

I know how you feel, about writing not coming easy. I don't think it ever does, with even the best of writers. This photo is so beautiful! I wish I could photograph ballerinas too! xxx

Fransisca Angela said...

Lovely words, Tasha. Really calms me down, thankyou for sharing.

shannonmaree said...

"I have a deep longing to write it does not come easy and is rare"; yes yes yes, I understand this sentence completely.

Thankyou for your comment on my post. I feel the same, even though I rarely take pictures lately. I went overseas last year, and took barely any photos, and was really angry with myself afterwards for that exact reason.

Shannon x

Anonymous said...

Oh this is so beautiful, Tash! <3

Jada said...

I love looking at old photographs of family :) These are beautiful!