December 12, 2011

accio adventure pt. 1

pretty sunlight in the ladies' coach.
my friend told me, "see, cool things do happen to us when we come to the city." when we saw these bears from across the street.
bears in the city.
an artist's words on a wise-bear. (i forgot which country, there were so many of them)
the arapaima.
gold glitter-bodied piranhas which i found extremely beautiful and frightful at once.
a 'chocolate chip' starfish.
three tourist-girls who were speaking in a language i did not understand. one of them told me something excitedly and i laughed and smiled at her. another one of them was taking down notes on the creatures that we saw.
 me jellin' with the jellyfishes. (i know, how cheesy!)
tourists, people, strangers and everybody crowding before the aquarium for feeding time.
a skyscraper that my friend thought was cool because we really couldn't see the top of it and me with my favourite bear, the Norwegian bear. i thought it was the loveliest. (it even beat the American Statue of Liberty bear!)

i will post more photos very soon, i promise. for now, my eyelids are heavy, my legs are aching but i'm so content. my sisters are back from Australia and my exams are over. (though i still need to remind myself every now and then that i don't have to go study now and watch tv later)

all my love xx


Jada said...

I'm so glad you are back to blogging again. I've missed you :) That jellyfish photo is so darn cute!

Kasia Skowron said...

bby, where were you ? :>
lovely trip. and i love this photo with you and fish :D

Jane said...

I love your city pictures! Looks like you had a fun day, taking photographs at the aquarium is always great. Haha those bears are cute too.

galatea. said...

those bears are super cute! i recognize that mall! i did soo many modeling shows in that place. i really wish i bumped into you when i was living in KL that time- it would have been so much to go around and take pictures!

check out my stay in KL here: