December 13, 2011

accio adventure pt. 2

 the Kuala Lumpur Tower.
 a stranger-girl whose hair (and tattoo) i fell in love with.
 Subs for breakfast!
 the KL Twin Towers.
 the many signs of a Chinese underground food court. (i love it there)
 the top of a posh apartment building peeking out from city-trees.
 a fire-truck in the city.
 my dipdye that was not. but i quite like the red in my midnight hair anyway.
my family's adoptive cat, Binks!
stay golden.


Kasia Skowron said...

i ADORE this photo of you <3<3<3

Jada said...

your hair looks beautiful lady :) i def. want to add some streaks of color in my hair too.

Jada said...

ps. been seeing your tweets on twitter, need boy advice? email me anytime :)

Anita said...

Such beautiful photos Tasha. You have such a good eye for photography. I'm always super happy when I see you update :3 And your hair actually looks gorgeous!

galatea. said...

god i miss KL soo much! i remember it so well. batu caves, bukit bintang. i lived at sri murni condos off jalan duta. it was the best time of my life really. all the food, culture, and architecture x you really are blessed to be in such an amazing city x

Mandy said...

Interesting Photos. The tattoo girl is awesome. You've seen very good!

*Daniëlle said...

I accidentally came to your blog, and wow what a beautiful pictures you make!

Anonymous said...

I love how you captured those green trees with the apartment building! Gorgeous!

styleblend said...

the pictures are beautiful :)

Tatj said...

I love the building, the architecture, and the composition of the photograph.
Nice photographies.


Hannah Curson said...

Oh I love the little bit of tattoo poking out! I really want my next tattoo to be in the same location - my current ones are in places not visible when looking at me standing still (they're on the side of my wrist and my inner arm) but when I move you get a little peek, I want them all to be like that :)

The last photo is lovely too, I like the light peeking through the darkness (apparently I like the work peek today! :S) x