February 11, 2012


photographs from the World Press Photo 11 exhibition and some street photography. :)
i thought all the photographs in the exhibition were amazing. i have never seen so much raw emotions in any photograph before and everything was so new and intense and just breathtaking.

"...and when you take that stress away, the beauty come through..."
-Jodi Bieber, winner of the World Press Photo of the Year 2010


kimberley said...

ahh, so beautiful! the images at the exhibition are so powerful, and the way you have captured them truly complements that <3

Hanna said...

I saw that exhibition this summer in berlin, and I was very moved and inspired. It's such an important exhibition too. And I'm amazed that I still recognize some of the photographs (the one with the pocket mirror, for example).

galatea. said...

ahhhh makes me miss kl soo much xx