February 12, 2012

we put our love first

"Some say you’re lucky

If nothing shatters it.

But then you wouldn’t

Understand poems or songs.
You’d never know
Beauty comes from loss.

It’s deep inside every person:

A tear tinier
Than a pearl or thorn.

It’s one of the places

Where the beloved is born."


Junaluska said...

Wow. The picture of the reflection in the water is stunning.

galatea. said...

these photos are soo warm and touching xx i like the water fights and that retriever! my most fave dog ever xx

Louise said...

Whew, these photos are so warm. I love the feeling of summer in this. The sky between the buildings and the reflection in the water, and all the pink petals on the ground. And I like the use of light in the first photo. And that plate with food looks delicious!! Your pictures make me long for summer so much.

Sue Lyn said...

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! and goshhh those potatoes look so dashing i want to stuff them in my mouth (: x

Anonymous said...

Great photos Tasha! I love your long hair!! Love your nature shots, and the action one of the squirt guns! Also, potato skins are my favorite! :)

Anna Tran said...

"than a pearl or thorn.
its one of the places
where the beloved is born."
I love love love this line!!

galatea. said...

ahhh those b&w shots of you are timeless xx