February 17, 2012

(I think I made you up inside my head.)

one of my most favourite images ever ever ever. (in TIME magazine)

"I touch you, I am created in you
somewhere as a complex
filament of light

You rest on me and my shoulder holds
your heavy unbelievable
skull, crowded with radiant
suns, a new planet, the people
submerged in you, a lost civilization
I can never excavate:

my hands trace the contours of a total
universe, its different
colours, flowers, its undiscovered
animals, violent or serene

its other air
its claws

its paradise rivers."

— Margaret Atwood, from “I Was Reading a Scientific Article”


Deia said...

the photographs are beautiful, the top picture is beautiful, you are beautiful, the words are beautiful, your dress is beautiful,

everything's beautiful.

Anna said...

nice photos! I especially love the hand with the infinity sign. its really weird because that is what I'm planning my tattoo to be.. I drew out my design and just talked with a tattoo artist a few days ago.. gah, I will post a picture of my design to show later.


Jada said...

wow, that photograph in TIME magazine is so powerful! May I ask what edition it is?

Louise said...

That time magazine picture is indeed SO GOOD! But next to that, I love this collection of photos and memories. The macarons look colourful and yummy. And everything looks like bliss, or at least from my perspective! :o

galatea. said...

these are awesome shots! and love seeing more of you in your posts as well xx those macarons are soo yummy and i swear to god you have the best group of dogs! must be soo much love at home xx

Blaze said...

Lovely photos Tasha! I like your blue dress! :)

Jane said...

The TIME magazine shot is great, what context was that in? Those macarons are really cute as well!

Sue Lyn said...

you are such a dream. (: btw you look SO gorgeous in that floral dress. where is it from!! (:

Cassidy said...

Oh mini macaroons! How lovely!

Ida-Jessica said...

Great post!
Love that In Time Magazine -photo and that spaniel in last one is sooo cute!


dagna nippe said...

great photos :-) and history :-)

Anonymous said...

beautiful post. and for those who wonder, the photo from time magazine can be seen here http://newsfeed.time.com/2011/06/17/make-love-not-riots-vancouver-kiss-steals-the-internets-hearts/ x

tasha faye said...

thank you, Denise! xxx

Fransisca Angela said...

Hi Tasha, it's been awhile. I really like this post and I think it's one of my posts from your blog.
Those places look so beautiful and your picture with the trees is my favorite, you look so stunning!