May 31, 2012

patient, fine, balanced, kind pt. I

a mini-shoot with my beautiful friend, April, who recently got the loveliest lines from one of the most amazing songs ever inked on her back.

i apologize for not blogging for a fortnight! i have been perpetually feeling dissatisfied with the photographs i have taken, i constantly feel like i need a tide of inspiration and motivation to come and sweep me away.

hope all of you are well and happy! i will get back to reading/spreading love to your blogs soon x


Kasia Skowron said...

wow, i love them. especially the one where she's jumping. amazing really

Hanna said...

such lovely pictures, tasha! it's good to have you back :)

Jane said...

These turned out so nicely, you've captured her movement really well. I was wondering where you'd gone! Looking forward to seeing more posts ;)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos, love the tattoo scripting and her piercing is nice! :)

Louise said...

Your photos are gorgeous, as always. You've captured her movement so nicely! And, just because I'm into quotes and modern art these days... "Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working", Pablo Picasso. So inspiration finally found you then! ;)

I hope you're feeling well, and I'm glad you're back. :)

Yernie Yip said...

Feeling dissatisfied with your photos? Gosh, Tasha, your two most recent posts are incredible. And April looks phenomenal in these photos, my favourites have to be the first b/w one and the last photo in this post :)

Fransisca Angela said...

Beautiful photographs as always & your friend looks really lovely. The dress fits best on her.

Funny thing is I have a friend named April too and couple of weeks ago I also did a mini photo shoot with her.

Sometimes I feel the same as you too for not being really confident with the photographs I've taken. But I think it's normal & I hope you're feeling better.
Keep up the good work & I'm looking forward for more pictures from you!