June 9, 2012

sun burn.

photographs from a few weeks ago, unedited, because i have grown so lazy and careless
one of my very favourite books. i love books that are honest and true and so good.
shooting from the waist
i love seeing strangers in such bright, happy colours
even at 1/4000, i couldn't capture the water sharp enough. i am (quite) desperate for a camera that goes up to 1/8000! but... my camera should suffice for now. :)


Anh said...

If these photos are unedited, then you are one amazing photographer :)

Jane said...

These pictures are still lovely if unedited! I haven't read Perks of being a Wallflower yet, I feel like I should if I'm going to see the movie. That ice cream sundae looks amazing, gosh. I love the pictures of the fountain!

v said...

they are still so amazingly lovely!!! Love them! :)

Anita said...

These photos look amazing! Perks of being a wallflower is such a great book, I'm really excited about the movie! I think it'd be quite good :)

Louise said...

Oh Tasha, they're still gorgeous. You are a great photographer. And wut? 1/8000? What camera do you use now for having 1/4000? I love the water anyhow though... It's still gorgeous and real.

High five on having Perks as a favorite book. And that sundae looks epic!

galatea. said...

unedited photos are best! always admiring your street skills x